For the industry
S Logo Zeichen lathed parts
S Logo Zeichen milled parts (Details)
S Logo Zeichen machine parts according to drawings or samples
S Logo Zeichen spare parts for stamping tools, e.g. cutting inserts, stamps etcetera (Details)

For the test engineering
S Logo Zeichen hydraulic clamping tools from 20kN to 2500kN plus accessory
S Logo Zeichen mechanical clamping tools from 0.2 to 1500kN plus accessory (Details)
S Logo Zeichen special devices for testing materials like (Details)
                 S Logo Zeichentextile fabrics, geotextiles
                 S Logo Zeichenmetal
                 S Logo Zeichenplastics
                 S Logo Zeichen(carbon)fiber reinforced plastics
S Logo Zeichen clamping jaws according to sample for any testing machine brand (Details)
S Logo Zeichen all types of special devices, e.g. for bold testing, center mark instruments for specimens,
     3-point-bending devices and 4-point-bending devices (Details)
S Logo Zeichen Spare parts for pendulum impact testing machines (Details)
                 S Logo Zeichenpeens (ASTM and DIN standards)
                 S Logo ZeichenCounter bearings
                 S Logo ZeichenCounter bearing segments
S Logo Zeichen certifications on request
S Logo Zeichen drop-weight testers (Details)
S Logo Zeichen stylus edge for extensometer according to sample (Details)
S Logo Zeichen notches (Details)



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